What is the Knockout KS1?

Knockout allows you to scan, view, and share 3D objects through their KS1 device in a way that’s almost too good to be true.

The KS1 is seriously an incredible piece of technology. The device effortlessly attaches and connects to your Android phone or tablet. In less than 60 seconds, the KS1 can fully scan any person, object, or room. And it’s as easy as recording a video on your phone. All the folks at our Product Hunt meetup were truly blown away by the unbelievable ease, precision, and speed of the KS1’s scanning ability.

But Knockout doesn’t just stop at scanning. They also allow you to view, share, and convert your 3D image files that anyone without prior 3D modeling experience can understand. You have to see it to believe it.

Who is Knockout?

Co-founders Brooks Myers and Jacob Kuttothara have changed the game of 3D scanning. These guys are paving the way toward the future and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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