Taivara’s Digital Product
Co-Creation Offerings

We’ve identified eight distinct offerings of digital product co-creation. Taivara can work with you on any or all offerings. We work flexibly either completely handing-off a project to us, or in a co-creation environment with your internal team. Taivara approaches each project with nimbleness to adapt to the work structure you need.


All organizations have more projects to complete than capacity to launch them. Taivara has deep experience in helping you define which products to pursue and why. We help provide transparency to the decision making process and help companies define the  priorities.


Analysis & Validation

Our team members have over 50 years of success helping companies with primary and secondary research to confirm product/market fit and business justification for product investment.



Taivara has helped dozens of companies successfully launch hundreds of digital products. We help you with strategy and tactics that validate market acceptance and ongoing business viability.

Product/Project Management

Taivara’s product team focuses on the customer and the product’s value proposition. We prioritize work based on criticality and expected return on investment – only advancing the product when supported by market data and alignment to your strategic goals. Our project managers work directly with your team to manage the product direction and communicate clear requirements to the development team – ensuring the product is delivered on time and on budget.

Design & Development

With our expert and flexible development team, we’ve successfully worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500, to design and build cutting edge digital products with a variety of tech stacks and environments.  We develop market-ready products quickly, and with the highest quality.


Digital security is critically important to all companies and is a key strength and focus of Taivara. We have worked in a variety of highly regulated industries to create secure digital products. Our team understands modern digital security, and brings this experience to every digital product we design and build.


Taivara has built a world class digital support program both during the development phase and post launch.  We can provide ongoing support for your product including your internal team and external users.


We have extensive experience in transitioning the product back into your internal IT organization, and integrating  as part of your business function. Taivara can also provide assistance in helping to establish the proper future of the product, whether that’s bringing it into the core business operations, spinning off the product into its own company, or sunsetting it.