Taivara’s Cloud Solutions

A solid infrastructure that is secure and scales with the demands of your digital products is a key to success. Taivara has expertise in cloud-native application development and migration of existing digital products to cloud architectures.

A crucial piece of optimizing their digital products is cloud migrations and implementation, which we have successfully completed for many clients. 

Our Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts have the certifications and experience needed to transform your on-prem infrastructure seamlessly to the cloud. Taivara’s innovative Cloud Solution offering combines Cloud Native Development, Cloud Productivity, Data & AI, and Program Project Management. We ensure your organization is approaching digital product optimization with a full lifecycle path to success.

Cloud Native Development

We supply multiple specialized cloud services related to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Some of these specialized services include:

  • Architecture and design. Let our expert cloud architects and consultants help you through your cloud journey, from architecture, design or cost and resource optimizations. We also specialize in On-Prem to Cloud migrations or cloud to cloud migrations from other platforms such as AWS or GCP.
  • Conversational interfaces and bots. Our team can craft end to end experiences for your next customer facing or internal bot. Using AI and Machine Learning models we can provide near human experiences. 
  • Micro-Services. If you are planning to re-architecture your existing applications, or planning to develop new hyper-scale applications, our team can help you with designing and architecting your application to match the newest industry standards for micro-services and cloud native applications. Our consultants can help with you with setup, management, deployment and applying good case practices and industry standards of common tools such as Kubernetes and Docker containers. 
  • Backend and API development. Our .NET and .NET Core experts can help you with your existing legacy apps or creating highly scalable backend and APIs for your next gen multiscale applications.
  • UX and UI. User experience is key for a tech project to be successful, that is why we also have our UX and UI expert designers to help you craft amazing and user centric experiences. From user research, focus groups, user validation, design, and implementation we got you covered.
  • DevOps. Keeping an accelerated release cycle for your apps is key for supporting the competitive advantage and constantly delivering innovation to your users. This is usually achieved by having good development and operations practices, including automation, continuous integration, and deployment. Our DevOps engineers can help you get started or improve your existing DevOps strategies, using technology and tools such as Azure DevOps, Terraform and multiple scripting and automation languages.

Data & AI

Data is the new gold, and our engineers can help you to modernize your strategy, from data modernization, consolidation, warehousing, data visualization and dashboards, up to helping you solve business hypothesis with advanced machine learning and Artificial Intelligence models.

We supply multiple specialized services for Data and AI, using both Microsoft services such as SQL Server, Azure SQL, SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Synapse, Azure Data factory and other open-source tools such as Python and Jupyter Notebooks.

Some of these services are:


  • Data Engineering. Let our data engineers help you with your data modernization strategy, including architecture, design, data transformation, centralization, extraction, cleansing and wrangling. 
  • Data visualization. Our PowerBI experts will help you create stunning reports and dashboard for keeping stakeholders updated with real time and near-real time data for taking informed business decisions quickly.
  • Machine Learning and AI. Once you already have vast amounts of data, our data scientists can help you find and solve key business hypothesis with data, from sales forecasts to similarity analysis up to more complex AI workloads such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, prediction, Optical Character Recognition, knowledge extraction and many other AI uses. 

Cloud Productivity

Let our Microsoft 365 experts take care of your Office 365/Microsoft 365 services, helping you from planning, deployment, migration, and adoption. We supply multiple specialized services around M365 suite, some of these services are:

  • Migration. We can help you migrate your on-premises email servers into Microsoft 365 cloud services. We can also help you with your migration from other cloud services including emails and files such as Google Workspace, Box, Dropbox, file servers, etc. 
  • Adoption and Change Management. A successful deployment or migration depends mostly on the change management and adoption process. Our change management and adoption experts can guide your organization through the best adoption plan, including project management, trainings, marketing, and communication.
  • Configuration, Governance and Management. If you are looking for advanced M365 configurations, policy deployments, governance best practices or management of your M365 services, our team of experts is also able to aid you.
  • SharePoint Migrations and Custom Development. Our consultants can help you migrate from On-Premises SharePoint servers into SharePoint Online, including files, sites, site collections or any other existing investments. If you need custom development, our SharePoint experts can also help you create new SharePoint Framework components, such as Webparts or modernize/port existing Webparts to work on SharePoint Online.
  • Employee Experience. Our technical and industry consultants can guide you through your employee experience journey using Microsoft Viva, including all modules Viva Connections for your employee experience portals, Viva Insights for getting detailed analytics and insights from your collaborators and Viva Topics for creating an internal knowledge network.