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Our team of web and app developers can help you build your next product, big or small. Whether working alongside your team or just delivering the work once it’s finished, our team of full-stack developers and designers will bring your ideas to life.

Types of Companies That Need Us


Innovative corporations looking to create new digital offerings or improve existing ones


Backed startups who need to build high-quality technology products


Middle-Market companies who want to gain a competitive edge through new technology

What We Can Do For You

Web Development

Want to create a web application or admin dashboard for your mobile app?
Read More We build responsive web applications in a variety of different languages, including all the HTML/CSS/JS needed to make it pretty and functioning.
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App Development

Have an idea for the next killer app?
Read More Our developers build for iOS, Android, and React Native, bringing your idea to life on any mobile device or platform.
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APIs & Integrations

Do you have multiple systems or products that need to connect, pass information back and forth, or become one?
Read More We can build endpoints and integrations between them so that information flows smoothly.
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UI & UX Design

Do you have a new product idea or need a redesign of an existing one?
Read More Work with our designers to create a killer UI/UX that fits your brand and wows your users.
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Application Hosting

We can host your product for you or you can do it yourself.
Read More If you would prefer us to, we can give you eactly what you need at exactly the right price.
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Product Management

Whether you want to include Product Management into your project or not,
Read More our developers and project managers are always thinking in a product mindset, meaning they have your users top-of-mind and will guide you to make the best decisions for them and your business.
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Our New Product Development Process & Workflow

These are the steps we take to build your perfect product. Depending on your situation, all of these may not be necessary but we will work together to find what fits you best.

User Research

Understanding what your users truly want from your product


Laying out the blueprint of your product and how it works


Designing how your product will look and making it fit your brand

Requirements Writing

Spelling out specifics on how your product will function


Writing the code to bring your product to life!


Ensuring your product works as intended with no bugs


Making your product go live online or on the app store


Being there for any future updates or tweaks

Key Considerations

There are key elements we will keep in mind as we work with you on your project. This will give you some insight into how we will approach work and include recommendations for things to consider as you decide who to work with.

Product vs Software Project

We view our clients’ work as products that are more than the tasks associated with software construction. Software may contain many features, screens, and business rules, but… Read More products have real users with real needs and business problems to solve. We keep this subtle but important distinction top of mind at every level of our process.
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User-Centric Design

Even if you believe you know exactly how you want your product to look and behave, we always encourage our clients to challenge their assumptions. It’s suprising how often… Read More surefire ideas are quickly proven wrong after they’re launched. We want our clients to learn which product features and designs they shouldn’t build before they spend time and money building them by spending time with users, researching their true needs.
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Building an MVP

We encourage a lot of our clients, especially ones launching their first products, to take an MVP approach. It’s surprising how often founders will… Read More get caught up in their own ideas or believe that they need so many features in order to go to market. In reality, your minimally viable product is often a lot smaller than you believe. Building with an MVP mindset will allow you to get to market quicker on a smaller budget.
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Developing for Mobile

While many of the considerations of the mobile ecosystem are similar to other platforms, there are numerous specific challenges and pitfalls… Read More to address when navigating this space. Taivara has extensive experience in multi-platform, public and private, small startup to enterprise level mobile delivery experience.
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Standards-Based Approach

While each business application plays a unique role in the market, we often find that the technology required to deliver those functions is not unique. Taivara believes strongly in… Read More using well-understood solutions and patterns to solve well-understood problems. This standards-based approach reduces time to deliver, increases quality, allows for easy developer onboarding and knowledge transfer, and provides future-proofing against shifts in technology trends.
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Single vs Multiple Codebases

There are multiple ways to build native mobile applications, and each have their tradeoffs. Taivara has developed applications using standard native toolsets, “write once,… Read More compile to native” platforms, and embedded mobile web. We can speak from experience and recommend the best practice for the business need.
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Building for Security

We take security very seriously as our CEO is a former CISO. We work in highly-regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, cyber/infosec and education. All of our data… Read More is encrypted at rest and in transit. We ensure that each of our users has only the necessary authorizations and comply by standard password protocol. Existing Taivara-developed applications have passed intensive security testing.
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Software Accessibility

Accessibility in software is something that is often overlooked. It is very important you take accessibility into consideration up front rather than face consequences… Read More down the road. Taivara can help you evaluate and develop software that complies with the most current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
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“Taivara turned my ideas into reality. They helped me design a scalable product, built the platform, and set the foundation for our product management methods for when we brought on in-house talent. Without a technical co-founder, Taivara played a crucial role in getting my startup off the ground.”

Derek Brown

Founder & CEO, Acceptd

“Taivara was my Chief Technical Officer when I didn’t have one. I wanted a team that could iterate quickly like a startup, while working with my startup budget. Taivara lived up to all of those expectations.”

Adam Goldberg

Founder & CEO, Offers By Me

“Taivara is my ‘Startup-on-Wheels.’ Their Commercialization team helps me understand which new product ideas to pursue and how. Their development team is fast and flexible when delivering market-ready technology products.”

Senior Director of Business Strategy and Innovation

Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm

“Working with Taivara gives Robert Gregory Partners the ability to differentiate our Executive Coaching business. We give them ideas of what we want and they turn them into simple-to-use software that engages our clients. Their team has been a huge asset to our company and is always easy to work with.”

Shawn O’Reilly

Managing Partner, Robert Gregory Partners

“Taivara has been an integral partner for a number of our key customer acquisition initiatives. Over the past two years, they have been remarkably flexible, shared innovative tools and practices, heightened our knowledge and capabilities, and flawlessly executed on some extremely aggressive timelines. Taivara understood my team, my business, and how to position us for record-setting success.

Jeff Monroe

Director of Reimbursement Solutions, Cardinal Health

“Great team. Knowledgable. Flexible. Taivara was not only responsive to our unique needs but was willing and able to quickly learn new techniques and technologies to overcome technical challenges encountered throughout the course of the work. I highly recommend their work!”

Principle Research Scientist

Applied Science & Technology Development Company

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Recent Work

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A student had an idea that stirred some buzz from local investors. Learn how we took a senior thesis project and turned it into an acquired startup.

Digitizing an Industry

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Our customer was unsatisfied with data visualization tools for the cybersecurity space. They decided to create their own… and have Taivara build it for them.

Other Services We Provide

Software Design & Development

Design, develop and launch new technology products

Product Strategy & Commercialization

Explore new opportunities and technologies

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