Digitizing an Industry

Digitizing an Industry


Burdened by Paper

A startup came to Taivara with an idea.

Organizations that provide care for the developmentally disabled ran almost entirely on paper. Every activity that care workers did, every medication they gave, every hour they worked had to be recorded in a binder full of information. At the end of each week that data would be entered into a computer system.

The issue was that these care providers lived highly active lifestyles. They took consistent trips to the zoo, park, pool, etc. Carrying a binder greatly hindered their ability to provide care for their consumers, and all the data entry took hours of people’s time each week.

There has to be a better way!

Why carry a binder when you already carry a smartphone? Why write when you can tap? Why convert paper data to digital data at the end of the week when you can do it on the go?

The solution was clear. The implementation? That’s where Taivara comes in.

The startup handed Taivara a typical binder and said, “Turn this into an app design.”

Making a Little Go a Long Way

The startup was in its earliest stages at the time. To be frank, they simply didn’t have the budget, or the risk-appetite, to build a fully-functional product to see how the market would react. We convinced them that the best approach would be to build a prototype.

Without writing a single line of code, we created a prototype that would look and feel like the real deal. Doing so gave us the ability to put the product in the hands of our customers while only spending a fraction of the budget.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

The mobile app was just the surface. The reporting was easy, but in order to make it a proper product, it needed a proper client management system. One that can be spun out to a new customer at the drop of a hat. Customers would need to handle their clients’ schedules, medications, and service plans in a simple-to-use display. All that information would need to talk to the mobile application and be stored safely and securely…

Not a problem.

Not Your Typical UX

To get the mobile user experience right, we had to understand the context. Typical UX principles like user acquisition and retention had to be thrown out the window. The job of our user was to provide optimal care for the client and properly record it, not play around on their phone. They only needed to get in, get out, and get back to work.

Many of our users were not native English speakers and, therefore, needed an intuitive UX that maximizes the use of the universal language: the tap.

Preparing for Launch

After completing the prototype, the company went to show off the product. The ease-of-use and powerful capabilities wowed both early customers and investors. The company successfully acquired funding and they re-engaged Taivara to complete the full product build.

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