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PowerSage - Powerful Data for Power Decisions

“Everything else you buy in life, you know the cost ahead of time,” claimed Tom Roberts, CEO and founder of Powersage. “When you think about utility consumption, it’s like going to grocery store, taking the items you want off the shelves, and getting a bill a month later with no itemized breakdown.” For too long, electricity consumers had no idea how they were using their energy and how much each appliance costs them.

PowerSage relieves the ambiguity around your power consumption. Instead of just getting an electricity bill at the end of each month, PowerSage gives you a breakdown of consumption by each appliance in real time. Reporting is measured, not in terms of gigawatts and other electrical jargon, but in terms of cost for each appliance. You’ll know exactly how much it costs to run your dishwasher or to air-condition your house, giving you a better insight into the efficiency of each appliance and when something may potentially be wrong.

PowerSage connects to your breakers and monitors the power usage of every major appliance in your home. The device then communicates with cloud-based applications to keep you up to date on your usage and notify you if something goes wrong. PowerSage will push this information to your phone, so it’s always at your side.

Tom Roberts of PowerSage at Product Hunt Columbus

“Studies have shown that when you have this level of information, you save an average of 14% on your utility bills,” Tom explained. “When you scale that up to a Multi-Family housing property owner, 14% is a lot of money. Property managers have millions of dollars worth of assets to maintain and they want to know when they’re working right and when they’re not.”

But PowerSage is more than just monitoring power cost. It’s about ensuring the efficiency and safety of your home. Tom explains, “With PowerSage we can say, hey, your clothes dryer is done, time to get your laundry. It’s cold outside and your furnace hasn’t run. Is the circuit overloaded and going to blow? It’s raining and the dehumidifier hasn’t turned on, will you have a mold issue? Do you have squatters at your vacation home? Did you leave your oven on? My mother lives alone in Michigan. I’d want to know if she’s opened the fridge today, or whether the bathroom lights have come on.”

PowerSage gives you the power to understand and control your home in a truly innovational way. With instant access to web reporting and a mobile app on the way, PowerSage redefines what you know about your energy consumption.

Check out PowerSage to stay informed and let your property manager know that you want PowerSage in your home. Also, connect with them on Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

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