What is Kare Intellex?

Kare Intellex takes the hassle out of care-giving in the home.

Built for professional home caregivers, the app tackles everything from patient-onboarding to billing & claims submission. With healthcare compliance growing more strict, Kare Intellex has developed leading security measures and the best automated workflow process for any home caregiver, anywhere at any time.

The app allows you to record and store all your patients’ information in a centralized, well organized platform. Create patient profiles, record medical and nutritional data, and remove all the unnecessary paperwork from your job. Kare Intellex securely stores everything you need directly to the cloud so nothing ever gets misplaced.

This awesome new app assists caregivers with scheduling, patient onboarding, bill processing, and claims submission, all while remaining secure and HIPAA compliant. The platform is so intuitive, it’s amazing it hasn’t been done before.

Who is Kare Intellex?

Co-founded by Hanad Duale, Ray Shealy, and Lar Lubbers, these gentlemen are revolutionizing the way we handle homecare.

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