What is Hatchli?

Hatchli is the app where ideas learn to fly.

The world is quickly becoming a friendlier place for anyone to turn their favorite idea into their dream product. The only issue is, how do you determine which ideas are worth pursuing and which are not? Luckily, Hatchli provides an easy-to-use platform for sharing and validating ideas from real people in real-time.

Think Tinder, but for ideas. Like someone’s idea? Swipe right. Don’t? Swipe Left. Browse supporting photos and share feedback on a post. The simple UI provides the easiest experience for someone with an idea to quickly determine its potential.

Let’s face it, market validation can be an expensive process for any company or entrepreneur, but this new app redefines how you discover your proof of concept. The proof is no longer in the pudding, but rather hidden inside one of Columbus’ coolest new products, Hatchli.

Who is Hatchli?

Hatchli was born from the collaboration in The Ohio State University’s Business Builders Club. Students Ian Hansborough, Greg Miller, Nugeen Aftab, and Trey Hakanson came together with the vision to reinvent the market validation process. Keep an eye out for these young entrepreneurs and expect big things to happen!

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