What is ChatZone?

ChatZone allows you to chat with the people around you, anonymously.

Communication is progressing every day and this mobile app is certainly does radicalize the way people socialize.

This location-based app gives you the freedom to create your own zone, or join an existing one, in literally just a few clicks. Once in a zone, users can anonymously engage in conversation in real time without entering an email, phone number, etc. You simply download the app and start chatting. Very few apps are this simple.

Each user is given a pseudonym. An adjective and an animal. With names like GreenPanda, ProudElephant, and PurpleTurtle, each ‘chatzone’ remains completely anonymous advocating discussion and communication between everyone in each zone.

Who is ChatZone?

Founder Ravi Patel set out to reform how people communicate with those around them.

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