Innovative Talent Development

Nurture and develop your internal entrepreneurs

Develop & retain your most innovative talent

You have entrepreneurial, creative and innovative people all around you. The trick is making the most of their talents and retaining them. Whether you are looking to build awareness across your entire company, develop teams, or deep-dive 1:1 with current or aspiring leaders, we have training, coaching and workshops that can help.

Engage and develop the people who can help you disrupt your business and industry, before they leave to do it elsewhere!

Talent Development Goals

If innovation or any of the topics below are part of your talent dev objectives this year, let’s talk:

Valuing Diversity

We will encourage your team to tap into the genius of all team members, their skills, experiences, and perspectives. Creative collaboration and building trust produces breakthrough ideas and openness to risk-taking.

Creative Problem Solving

Our coaches, trainers and facilitators will encourage your team to view problems from many angles and consider a broad range of alternatives. We’ll seek to free them from constrained thinking and overcome limiting assumptions.

Enhanced Strategic Thinking

Our programs will encourage your people to think broadly around issues and opportunities. To be curious, opportunity-oriented and willing to experiment with an eye on value for both customer and your organization.

Greater Agility

Your leaders and teams will be taught to think in terms of low-cost experimentation, speed to market, ongoing testing and iteration.

Improved Customer Focus

Knowing your customer’s problems/pain points and solving for them is the key to success. We’ll help your internal innovators find unsatisfied needs and target them.

Inspire. Equip. Nurture.

Here are a few examples of the unique ways in which we can help you develop talent that innovates.

Lean Product Innovation

1-Hour to 1-Day

Customer-centric product development

Experimentation & testing

Minimally viable product

Fastest path to revenue




4-Hours to 1-Day

Drones, virtual reality, 3D printing

Innovation, entrepreneurship & design thinking principles at work

Creativity in problem solving

Opportunities in change & ambiguity

Focus on the customer

Valuing Diversity

Innovation Coaching

1:1 or Team Coaching

Building trust in teams

Valuing diversity

Appropriate risk-taking

Embracing ambiguity & change

Nurturing entrepreneurial talent

Experimenting and iterating