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StreamSavvy - The TV Guide of the Future
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No cable?  No problem.  The growing presence of online streaming is convincing millions of consumers to cut the cord and leave cable behind. Hundreds of streaming apps are entering the market and the list will only keep growing. The problem is, streamers are left with a wall of apps sitting on their phones or tablets with millions of hours of content behind each one.

Product Hunt Columbus had the pleasure of hosting StreamSavvy, the one-touch access point to over 300 streaming services. Rather than pulling up an app like Netflix and deciding what to watch, StreamSavvy starts with you and what you like. From there, the app filters content to what programs fit you and points you to the right streaming service. Just log in to the app, enter in which streaming services you subscribe to, let the platform know what you’re interested in, and start discovering.

But it doesn’t stop at TV shows. StreamSavvy has everything you need to know about streaming your favorite sports teams. It’s as simple as typing in the name of the team you want to watch and StreamSavvy will give you the schedule and where to stream it.

As a recent graduate of Cincinnati’s The Brandery, one of the finest accelerators in the country, StreamSavvy has been gaining a lot of traction in the streaming industry. CEO Chris Kessler and CTO Carl Lewis, both co-founders of the company, have set out to be the ultimate guides of your streaming experience.

Through researching and understanding their market along with forming strategic relationships, these two entrepreneurs fascinated the Product Hunt Columbus audience with how quickly they’re progressing. We can’t wait to see what big wins they have lined up!


Co-Founders Chris Kessler and Carl Lewis

Check out the StreamSavvy web app along with their Facebook and Twitter. The mobile application is coming soon! Make sure to connect with StreamSavvy so you don’t miss out.

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